I've been on a spiritual path a great deal of my life. But nothing came anything near the impact the Tokkoh had. It's approach is unconventional, some times inconvenient, but always loving and with greater good in mind. It truly liberated my Heart from my mind. It made my life easier, not in some ways, but without exaggeration, in every way. It not only showed me how I used to perceive the world and everything in it (and how destructive this was) but offered me a beautiful, practical and very desirable alternative. Thank you

Koen Steenbergen, Netherlands In March 2018

I attendet a 7 day course in Switzerland called Tokkoh. During Tokkoh I learnt so much about myself and others and how to be fully happy in life. I learnt how to completely dissolve my judgements and emotions that were holding me back from living a full and rewarding life. I learnt how the mind works and how to practically change my fixed beliefs so much I felt like I was a different person before and after Tokkoh. There are many ways that Tokkoh has enhanced my life, just a few examples include; I can eat food I though I could not eat and I can now be in situations that I previously found too difficult.It was such a wonderful heart opening experience that as stayed with me and gave me many useful and practical skills to use in my daily life. I feel privileged to help bring Tokkoh to New Zealand because it gives people an exciting opportunity to experience true freedom, to dissolve conflicts, and realize your true self and your true potential.Since Tokkoh I feel so expansive and my heart feels wide open. I am expansive in every way and feeling open to everything and everyone myself included. I feel excited within for the potential in my life and I have a desire to connect with all others with the overflowing warmth and love in my heart. I feel at one and at peace with everyone and everything feels so close and connected that I can easily touch the moon, stars and the sun.
Angela Herberts, New Zealand

Since I did Tokkoh my relationship with my students (young women in the age from 16 - 20 ) changed radically. Often we gather in a circle and really talk with each other. There is no wrong and no right but everything is possible. This truly liberated my students and me. This change in attitude and approach resulted in a lot of changes  to a more friendly school climate upto the Administration and the principal.

Teacher at a boarding school

A week that showed me the meaning and pleasure of my life, my place and my role in society and gave me the practical tool to implement them.

Farmer, 74 years, Tokkoh participant 50 years ago

How is it, really? This question will lead you trough this practical week of self-discovery and realization of what is reality and what ist notional, mind-made, and limiting habitual thinking and believing and the root of all suffering. Finding ones place and purpose on this planet (with its ongoing catastrophic currents in nearly all areas) and without overwhelming resignation starting to take wise action in your every-day life! If that is what you want (and personal I believe it is the only thing worthwhile), this course will pave the way! Suitable for all adults - no matter what origin, lifestyle, belief system or scene your living in. This course has deeply moved me an I wish you to share this world-changing experience with me!!

Philipp Gujer, Bodyworker, Switzerland