At TOKKOH you will probably not solve all "problems", but many of these "problems" will disappear into thin air, and you will be able to progress through your practice afterwards. How far you will get at TOKKOH through your practice depends mainly on yourself, on your present point of view and on the intensity and direction of your aspiration. Everyone can progress at TOKKOH, regardless of their current state. It is a week that will help you for the rest of your life. There are no teachers or lecturers at TOKKOH, it is an incredibly practical week in which you can recognize the weak points of your personal life patterns yourself, with the help of everyone involved, and - if you want to - change them right away. The motivation that drives the facilitators is the fact that they themselves have already experienced TOKKOH and feel a strong desire within themselves to make this adventure, which leads to their own heart, possible for other fellow human beings as well. They all do this for free.

Where does Tokkoh come from?

Japan was a very different country in the 1950s. At that time, Mr. Yamagishi developed a perfect system for chickens! Farmers in the region showed great interest and many wanted to know the secret, but they were told that it was not only for agriculture. The secret allows people to become truly happy and live together without conflict, but it was impossible to explain. Since there was so much interest, it was proposed to organize a week in which participants would learn about the secret through their own experiences. Thus TOKKOH was born. The 93 participants who took part in 1954 found that TOKKOH helped them solve impossible problems in their everyday lives and create conditions for their own true happiness.


Enjoy a week, come home and experience that everything has become much lighter and warmer. Getting to know yourself in a way you never thought possible. Learning how to consciously reprogram your subconscious according to your desires and free your heart from your head to determine your own life in freedom. Recognize why your current "social system" is not working as well as you would like it to. Recognize how you can avoid or resolve conflicts, also within yourself Realize how freedom and equality can really work in your everyday life - also with your children - without affecting others. Learning to distinguish between the appearance world and the actual world. Experiencing a week that makes the seemingly impossible possible. Realizing that the TOKKOH does not promise too much.